Hey! I'm Morgan.

I’ve always loved writing, creating, and playing with letters. When I was seven years old I wrote all over my mom’s kitchen table with a black Sharpie because I was so excited about forming bold letters and creating written artwork! (Sorry mom.) Now, at 31, I’m still forming letters and creating products, but this time on the appropriate surfaces.

I started this business with a vision of bringing joy and blessing to the spaces that we share with the people we love most. My hope is to hand letter products that you are proud to display and share at your weddings and events, and in your homes and businesses. As a follower of Jesus and lover of His Word, I believe strongly in using words to heal and uplift and speak truth; I pray that the words I letter on your products do exactly that.

When I am not lettering, I’m teaching barre classes, reading mystery novels, watching college basketball, drinking red wine, researching historical events, and spending time with my husband, baby boy Rowan, family, and close friends.